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8-Day Hohhot–Ordos Tour with Hiking, Camping, and Culture

Inner Mongolia Core Wilds & Culture

8-Day Hohhot–Ordos Tour with Hiking, Camping, and Culture

If you are looking for the best off-the-beaten-track summer vacation experiences in central Inner Mongolia without missing out on the key cultural sights, this tour is highly recommended for you.

On this 8-day private trip from Hohhot to Ordos, experience local nomadic life and fantastic views on Huitengxile Grassland, then hike on majestic mountains and a volcano! See the region's largest lamasery and enjoy Mongolian handicrafts, then adventure out into the hinterland of Kubuqi Desert. Lastly, visit Genghis Khan's tomb.

Tour 'Wow' Points

Escape from the Summer Heat in a Flowery Grassland

Enjoy a horse ride to appreciate the best views of Huitengxile Grassland. Visit Huanghuagou, which is a unique valley on the grassland

Xilamuren Grassland
have a light walk in the grassland

Climb Up a Unique Volcanic Crater and Photograph Spectacular Views

Visit Wulanhada Volcano Geopark, which is a volcano cluster on the Mongol grasslands.

Xilamuren Grassland
have a light walk in the grassland

Experience Local Nomadic Life

See Mongolian archery and wrestling, enjoy minority folk singing and dancing, join in a grassland bonfire party, stay overnight in a traditional Mongolian yurt.

watching archery and wristling

Kubuqi Desert Hinterland Adventure with Camel Riding, Sunset Shoot, Barbecue, and Camping

Ride a camel into the depths of the desert, appreciate the stunning views of a desert sunset, enjoy a barbecue dinner, camp in the desert, and see the incredibly starry sky.

a traditional Mongolian yurt
Mongolian yurt

Enjoy a Kubuqi Desert Off-Road Vehicle Experience

You will drive into the hinterland of Kubuqi Desert, an area far from the crowds, then get on an off-road vehicle and experience an exciting ride including sliding down 45° sand dunes.

Feeding the lamb

Measure the Grandness of the Yin Mountains with Your Feet.

Hike on Daqing Mountain, which is part of the Yin Mountain Range, where you'll have panoramic views of fantastic natural beauty.

Mongolian-style Zhama banquet dinner
Mongolian banquet dinner

Experience Key Mongol Culture

See the region's largest lamasery and explore Inner Mongolian Museum, visit Genghis Khan's tomb, engage with the life of Genghis Khan and his Mongol Empire.

have fun in kubuqi desert
Mongolian banquet dinner

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Tour Map

Hohhot–Ordos Tour Map

Itinerary Quick Look

Here is a suggested itinerary. We are happy to customize a tour according to your interests.

Day 1 Hohhot Arrival

Your private driver and guide will be ready for you when you arrive in Hohhot. Enjoy a trouble-free transfer to your hotel. The rest of the day is your own to explore Hohhot.

Day 2 Ulanqab | Experience Nomadic life in a Flowery Grassland

In the morning, head to Huitengxile Grassland (2 hours' driving). Visit Huanghuagou ('Yellow Flower Valley') to appreciate multifaceted natural beauty — peculiar stones, unique peaks, and colorful alpine meadows.

In the afternoon, enjoy Mongolian singing and dancing, and watch Mongolian archery and wrestling. 

After an ethnic-flavor bonfire party in the evening, stay overnight in a traditional Mongolian yurt.

Day 3 Ulanqab | Explore a Wild Volcano Cluster

Visit Wulanhada Volcano Geopark, which is a volcano cluster on the Central Inner Mongolia grasslands.

Walk up the wild slopes, pass large exposed volcanic eruption deposits, and climb to the top of a volcano crater for a science-fiction sensation.

In the afternoon, return to Huitengxile Grassland. Enjoy a horse ride to measure some of the vastness of the grassland the local way, and stay in theme by returning to your Mongolian yurt.

Day 4 Ulanqab to Hohhot | Hiking on Daqing Mountain

Enjoy the sunrise on the grassland. Then go to Daqing Mountain with 2 hours' driving. It is part of the Yin Mountains, which divide the Mongolian Plateau to the north and the Hetao Plain to the south.

The hike will take about 5 hours. You will pass ancient birch forests on the way to the top of Daqing Mountain, where you'll have a panoramic view of fantastic natural beauty. In the afternoon, visit Inner Mongolia Museum.

Stay overnight in Hohhot.

Day 5 Hohhot to Baotou | Local Handcraft Experiences

In the morning, visit Intangible Cultural Heritage Town. There, you can learn about Mongolian folk arts and handicrafts by experiencing Mongolian yurt building and erecting, dough making, paper cutting, and leather painting.

Head to Baotou with 1½ hours' driving. There, visit Wudangzhao Lamasery, which is the biggest and the best-preserved lamaic monastery in Inner Mongolia. (A form of Tibetan Buddhism was the Mongols' main religion until the 19th century and has seen a recent revival.)

Stay overnight in Baotou.

Day 6 Kubuqi Desert | Off-Road Vehicle Experience, Camel Riding, Sunset Shoot, Barbecue, and Camping

In the morning, drive to the hinterland of Kubuqi Desert, get on an off-road vehicle and experience an exciting ride including sliding down 45° sand dunes.

Then visit the Kubuqi Desert's 'Singing Sands' (Yemingsha) with a half-hour drive. Enjoy a satisfying camel ride as you venture deep into the hinterland of Kubuqi Desert.

Appreciate the stunning views of the desert sunset, enjoy a barbecue dinner, camp in the desert, and see the incredibly starry sky for an unforgettable wilderness experience.

Day 7 Ordos | City Tour and Mausoleum of Genghis Khan

In the morning, enjoy the sunrise over the desert.

Then go to Ordos with a 2½-hour drive, and visit Kangbashi District. Once "China's biggest ghost city", it's now a thriving super-modern environment — how much can change in 10 years! Enjoy the pleasant urban scenery of Ordos City.

Nearby, explore the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan — the impressive cenotaph devoted to the worship of Genghis Khan — the Mongols' hero.

Stay overnight in Ordos City.

Day 8 Ordos Departure

Your private guide and driver will transfer you to Ordos Airport for your departure.

Hotel Selection

—the Icing on the Cake

Boutique hotels are recommended to enrich your travel experience.

hotel room in Turpan
Caravan on the lake bank
the hotel in the valley
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