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Xinjiang Tours

Xinjiang Tours

Xinjiang, which means 'New Territory' in Chinese, is China's largest province (autonomous region). The 6th tallest mountain range in the world, Tianshan (the 'Heavenly Mountains') lies across this land. Two great basins lie to the south and north.

The Altai Mountains (north), Altun Mountains (east), Pamirs (west), and Kunlun Mountains (south) draw the outline of Xinjiang. These great mountains cradle the diverse landscapes of Xinjiang, snowy peaks, forests, lakes, grasslands, deserts, Yardang rockforms, and canyons.

Xinjiang is the homeland of 13 Chinese ethnic minorities. Nomadic cultures give north Xinjiang a free-living feel and romantic temperament, while oasis cultures and the Silk Road give south Xinjiang an exotic and profound backdrop.

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No matter whether you are attracted by Xinjiang's fantastic landscapes, its ancient culture, or its ethnic minority flavor, we are well prepared to offer the best suggestions according to your schedule and interests.

Top Recommended Xinjiang Tours

The suggested itineraries below cover the most popular destinations in Xinjiang. Whether you are a first-time visitor who wants to experience the highlights, a natural scenery lover eyeing north Xinjiang, or dreaming of a cultural adventure in south Xinjiang, you will find top suggestions here. All of them can be customized into your own personalized Xinjiang tour.

7-Day Xinjiang Highlights Tour
  • Tianshan Mountains and desert exploration
  • Cultural Kashgar and Pamirs
8-Day North Xinjiang Tour with Kanas
  • Dreamlike Kanas Lake and villages
  • Ghost City (Desert Rockforms)
12-Day South Xinjiang Adventure Tour
  • Drive across the Taklimakan
  • Explore the amazing Pamirs
8-Day Xinjiang Tour with Ili
  • Sayram Lake and grasslands
  • Awesome ancient path hiking
5-Day Kashgar Tour
  • Kashgar old town and Pamirs Plateau
  • Hidden wonder-Shipton's Arch

Silk Road Tours including Xinjiang

The following routes are examples to help you extend your Xinjiang tour to make a Silk Road tour. Remember all these tour packages can be changed according to your needs.

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Tips for Your Xinjiang Tour

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1. Is It Safe to Visit Xinjiang?

Yes, Xinjiang is safe to visit. The Uyghur people are friendly and hospitable. Most visitors feel it is totally safe in the main tourist areas, though there may be an elevated police presence.

During your Xinjiang tour with China Highlights, you will have a personal guide and driver. They will escort you to make sure your tour goes smoothly and resolve any problems, though there seldom are any. Your guide will advise you on local customs to avoid any awkwardness.

During this COVID-19-affected period, Xinjiang has travel restrictions that are stricter than in other parts of China. So, you don't need to worry so much about the pandemic. We will help you prepare the extra documents needed for Xinjiang travel during this special time.

2. What's the Weather Like in Xinjiang?
3. What about Accommodation in Xinjiang?
4. What about the Food in Xinjiang?
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