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China Museum Tours

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Adventures in Some of the Greatest Museums in China

Hi, history lovers! We're offering a great adventure in some of the greatest museums in China without having to wait in line.

You will hear the history and interesting stories behind the exhibits along with questions and interactive games.

We combine history with modern China so you will have a better understanding of the rich culture of this old and new nation.

Must See Museums

Forbidden City: Emperors and Their Families

  • Discover the hidden halls in the Forbidden City
  • Go beyond the touristy routes
  • Hear stories of emperors

Explore 12 carefully-selected palaces in the Forbidden City, while other group tours often visit only 6-8 spots briefly. In addition to giving some background on the city's architecture, history, fengshui and art, your guide will lead you to explore some spots related to famous figures during the 2 dynasties.

These figures will include the most hardworking emperors, the most longevous empress dowager and the most talented concubine. Your guide will explain to you their stories so you can imagine what they must have experienced in the city.

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 Shaxi ancient town

Secrets of the Terracotta Army

  • Discover different aspects of the warriors
  • Make a clay warrior with local artisans
  • Visit disappearing cave dwellings

Unveil the secrets of the world wonder that can't be Googled:

  • How were the craftsmen from 2,200 years ago made over 8,000 life-size warriors in 11 years, which is more efficient than a modern factory today?
  • Xi'an is cold in winter but hot in summer — what prevents the clay warriors from cracking?
  • Purple color painted on warriors is the result of a chemical reaction, how did they have the technical skill at that time?

Then your guide will accompany you to a local cave dwelling where a craftsman makes terracotta warriors in a traditional way.

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 Shaxi ancient town

Top National Museums

Shanghai Museum: Search for Oriental Treasures

  • Get close to a giant cursed oriental vessel
  • Listen to the mysterious musical rhythm from over 2,000 years ago
  • No queue — a VIP channel

What did music sound like 2,000 years ago? Why did ancient people sleep on bronze pillows? What happened to the owner of the ancient cursed vessel?

We will give you some clues with our native guide's explanations and some interactive questions, and you will learn about the interesting history during your tour.

The tour includes the museum's main exhibition halls, such as the Ancient Chinese Bronze Gallery and the Chinese Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery. Follow us to find the most amazing oriental treasures!

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From the Last Empire to the Republic: Explore the National Museum of China with a PhD Student of Chinese History

  • Learn about what happened in modern China, including the CCP's detours and progress
  • Led by a PhD student of Chinese history from Peking University
  • Explore one of the largest museums in the world

China's speed of development is perhaps the most amazing in the world today. What happened in modern China? Why did the CCP become the governing party of China?

In our museum tour, we will focus on modern Chinese history with a PhD student of Chinese history from Peking University, which has the best history department in China.

We'll visit the exhibition hall called The Road of Rejuvenation, which shows the history of the past 100 years in order, to gain a deeper understanding of China's rise.

If you are visiting with kids, we also provide a kids' treasure hunt tour (2 hours) for families, kids, and teens. Please inquire if you are interested in this.

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 Shaxi ancient town

Shaanxi History Museum: a Journey Through 5,000 Years of Ancient China in 13 Objects

  • Stories behind the most celebrated art objects of each dynasty
  • Try ancient contraptions with your own hands
  • Explore the museum using our well-designed route without having to queue

Shaanxi History Museum is a great window through which to see the rich culture and history of Xi'an — a capital city of 13 dynasties in ancient China. Our museum adventure will take you on a journey through 5,000 years of history.

Listen to the stories about the amazing designs of ancient items and learn to use an exquisite pot with enigmatic technology. To ensure you enjoy your experience, we will arrange a VIP channel so that you don't need to wait in a long queue.

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The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center: the Magic City's Future Plan

  • Unveil the secret of China's Five-Year Plan
  • Peep at a corner of the largest QR code empire
  • "Sail" in the largest cargo port in the world – Yangshan Port – when you sit in the simulation machine and drive a speedboat in the port

Shanghai is also called the Magic City in China and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center contains everything you need to know about it.

The features range from a city model that's over 600m2 to a 360-degree 3D animation exhibition hall, and from the lifestyle in old Shanghai to today's garbage classification display.

You will learn about China's Five-Year Plan, hear the story behind QR codes, and play some games. With your guide's insightful explanations and some interactive games, you will have a better understanding of Shanghai and China.

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Art Museums

National Art Museum of China

The National Art Museum of China is the largest art museum in China. It's a national level art museum focusing on ethnic works that reflect China's politics and culture.

Over its long history, the National Art Museum of China has hosted thousands of exhibitions featuring many national and international works of art. The museum was the first in China to create a public education department.

Visitors have an immersive experience of art through various interactive multimedia installations in the museum.


Located in the Bund in Shanghai, the Rockbund Art Museum is committed to contemporary art. The building was restored and adapted by the famous architect, David Chipperfield.

RAM has held many major solo exhibitions for some of China's celebrated artists. It represents the high quality of art exhibitions in China. As the host of HUGO BOSS ASIA ART, RAM presents an artistic feast of top Asian artists' works each year.

Long Museum West Bund

The Long Museum was founded by world-renowned Chinese collectors, Liu Yiqian and his wife, Wang Wei. As the largest private museum in China, the Long Museum boasts the richest collection nationwide.

The couple's collection covers traditional Chinese art, modern and contemporary art, "red classics" as well as contemporary art from Asia and Europe. Based on a global perspective, it aims to show the diversity of visual art.

It presents the brilliant success of Chinese art and a new vigor to today's international art.

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Yuz Museum

The Yuz Museum Shanghai is well-known for its avant-garde art exhibitions. Located in Shanghai's West Bund, the Yuz Museum Shanghai was established by the Yuz Foundation — a non-profit organization.

The space that the Yuz Museum Shanghai utilizes was the original location of the hangar at Longhua Airport, with a total floor area of 9,000 square meters.

The Yuz Museum Shanghai is committed to collecting contemporary art, promoting the art museum movement, and offering exhibition opportunities to international artists.

The museum has a considerable collection of Chinese contemporary art, especially paintings created between the early 1980s and late 1990s.

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Hidden Wonders

The Shanghai Gallery of Antique Music Box and Mechanical Works

As the only gallery themed on music boxes in China, it concentrates on showing European music boxes and their development throughout history.

Over 200 precious antique music boxes and mechanical works are on display. The gallery's chief attraction is the world's oldest music box, which was made by the Swiss watchmaker Antoine Favre-Salomon in 1796. Visitors can still enjoy wonderful rhythms from these treasure boxes that were made hundreds of years ago.

In addition to the music boxes, visitors can also get a glimpse of European craft technology through various amazing mechanical dolls.

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Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

Located in the basement of a high-rise residential building in Shanghai, the Propaganda Poster Art Centre is officially known as Shanghai Yang Pei Ming Propaganda Poster Art Museum and its owner used to work as a tour guide.

Most of the exhibits are private collections of posters and artists' original paintings from the Cultural Revolution. Although small, it has a vast, fascinating collection of over 5,000 propaganda posters, giving an absorbing insight into China's recent history.

A visit to this museum is recommended for anyone interested in China's history and society.

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Qianding Old Liquor Museum

Beijing Qianding Old Liquor Museum is a private collection gallery with wine as its theme.

It has a great wine exhibition with over 5,000 types of wine. The collections are divided by region and then ranked by the year of manufacture, which span across thousands of years. About 890 types of wine among the collections are no longer produced.

In addition to the wine, there are various wine bottles in different shapes and materials. Visitors can also get a glimpse of the brewing and distilling techniques for Chinese wines.

Beijing Qianding Old Liquor Museum is the perfect place for wine lovers to learn about the Chinese wine culture.

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Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Museum

The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Museum is famous for having artifacts and mummies of Caucasians who lived in the region between 1,500 and 4,000 years ago.

As an important staging post on the Silk Road thousands of years ago, Xinjiang became an exotic region that cultivated profound traditional art and a dazzling culture, spanning across different periods and places.

There is also a collection of silk articles and other artifacts from various eras of history, as well as written materials in different languages.

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Museum
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