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Posted on | October 18, 2008 |


After blowing off the shelves at such fashion emporiums as Colette and Opening Ceremony - I needed to find out exactly who is the creative force behind cutting-edge label Alexandra Cassaniti. Finally, I got to the woman herself. Cassaniti encompasses the “surf life” vibe to a T. Mixing in her quirky humorous side with her eye for details and distress - Cassaniti is one to watch. Find out how an elongated stint with pink eye lead to her recent success. By Yale Breslin

Name: Alexandra Cassaniti
Occupation: Maker of stuff, Muse when not amused.
Location: Los Angeles

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

It has always been my comfort zone.

What big trends do you see for the men’s fashion world?

Long billed baseball caps and larger sizes of clothing.  no more designer jeans.

Your back packs have gained a significant amount of press as well as I recently saw Mary Kate Olsen rocking on in NYC. What were your thoughts upon seeing those pics?

She’s my perfect customer, wears the stuff and gets pictures taken. I don’t know why my other customers don’t do that. I guess she’s more thoughtful

I’m loving the FACE IT sunglasses. What shape do you feel best suits a man’s face?

I think the wayfarer is such an easy frame to wear. It looks good on both men and women. Im working on a new frame now, and it will be rounder.  I think men are always good with classic frames. A good rule of thumb is if Paris Hilton wears them you really shouldn’t.

What can we expect from you in the next season or two?

Turbans and luggage!

How would you define your personal style?

Meticulously disheveled.

The ad campaign on your website consists of mini-movies directed by none other than Spike Jonze. How did this collaboration come about?

Oh, we were hangin out at Sonny Beaches pool, and the guy can’t sit still without directing something. Geeze…… It was a really nice gesture.

I never leave home without?

Those cinnamon flavored tea tree toothpicks.

What was your inspiration behind your backback with “black triangles with pinkeye”?

Doode, I had pink eye for about a year.  Every time I put my contacts on my eyes would turn pink, so I had to wear my glasses all the time. But I would get sick of the glasses, so I’d try my contacts and it would happen again! I went to about 10 specialists, finally realized they started making contacts with silicone, and I am very allergic. Plus i cried a lot that year. My eyes were always pink. And triangles were my favorite shape at the time.

You’re FACE IT sunglasses consist of silver mirrored lenses with a unique frame that changes color depending on light level. Kind of like a modern day mood ring.  What inspired you to create these shades?

I’ve been working on making these glasses for the past three years!! I was obsessed with the idea of x’s on my lenses because it’s indicative of protesting and being dead.  (I’m always casually protesting or boycotting something). And I wanted to make them accessible to everyone: men,  women, kids- I guess that’s it.  Anyway, the frames are cool because they change color,  they are not super pricey, and they are unisex (like the bags). The lens is of very high quality, done by our hands here, and has extra special UV protective magical powers.

The last album I listened to was?

Gary War

The “Alexandra Cassaniti” male is?

Thinking about something funny, and not afraid to wear a long billed lemon cap pow!


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