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Posted on | October 16, 2008 |


This recent post on a favorite of mine, A Continuous Lean reminded me of a book I have at my cottage called Tipsy in Madras.  It’s an informative, interesting, tongue in cheek read regarding all the dos and don’ts of preppy drinking.

“What defines a preppy cocktail? Archaism (the drink must have existed pre-80s), character (nothing cheap or easy), understatement (nothing with an umbrella) and, of course, Anglicanism (if it’s exotic, it ain’t preppy). Beginning with an insightful essay on the demise of preppy culture in the early 1990s, this book goes on to chronicle the how-tos of drinking for the Lacoste set. Walker and Walsh, who make clear that they attended prep school, not boarding school, serve up a funny critique of preppy society and the beverages that accompany it. Recipes for concocting the usual drinks—Bloody Marys, Gin and Tonics, Cape Codders, Gimlets, Manhattans—are here, as well as suggestions for stocking the bar (preps, the authors say, favor Dewar’s over Chivas Regal), summertime drinking (go ahead and pour yourself a Seabreeze, but for goodness sakes steer clear of the Sex on the Beach) and brunch (”a.k.a. socially sanctioned daytime drinking”). Although the book concerns an elitist lifestyle, its tone is never snobby and it can actually be quite amusing (”unless you want to give dear Bitsy a concussion with a jet-propelled stray cork, here’s how to open a champagne bottle with safety and aplomb”).”

The book also includes an appendix of classic preppy reading material, films and albums to complete the experience.  I was just checking Amazon, and saw that the book was discontinued in 2006, and now commands a price of around $60.  I think I paid $10 a few years before that.  If you have a copy you know how great it is and if not, good luck getting your hands on one.


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