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Posted on | October 15, 2008 |


Jewelry has always been one of those things that men are unsure about.  I personally think it works when done tastefully and with restraint.  In terms of affordable jewelry, I’m a big fan of the Surface to Air and Alex + Chloe, but have always though I would like something a little more organic.  This is where Speech comes in.  Handmade in Toronto, by Michael Mercanti, Speech takes influences from all over the spectrum but manages to create a cohesive and exciting first collection.  Below, Michael speaks about Speech. By Kyle Morrison.

There are a lot of nautical references and feathers in your first collection. Is there any particular theme or point of reference you had in mind when designing the collection?

Ah, yeah I was inspired by a lot of shit, Speech has no theme, I don’t really wanna be known for having a theme, I think its boring. Its really just things I love and where I find inspiration. Girl seem to like my jewelry and like guys wearing it. Girls who like boys who like girls could be a theme. My nautical references have a lot to do with being on boat in the summer and pirating around, pirates love swords and to take over boats. Chic Pirate.

What sets speech apart from other jewelry brands?

Speech isn’t just a jewelry line it’s a life style. It’s what happens in my life and the people around me. The streets, the unknown, & my internship at formally known label BULLY set speech apart, ultimately BULLY transformed me into creating the speech life style.   I shoot the photography for speech with my friends & a rad vintage t-shirt selection will be available soon. Speech is also tied into People will hear about that soon, look out LA and Toronto.

Who do you see as the typical speech customer?

It’s available to all walks of life but I think it appeals a lot more to people from mmmmmmy generation, like 17-30 , if that can even be classified as a generation, in my friend Trevor’s words the wippersnappers and wipers.

Where did you come up with the name for the brand?

It was created a few years go by an old friend and I on a bus from Hamilton to Montreal. After talking to me for five minutes you’ll understand why its called Speech unless I’ve had a few drinks in me you won’t get it. I also had it tattooed on me two summers in ago Camden Town in London, England. I believe in it.

After a successful launch, what’s next for speech? Any plans or goals for the brand?

Eventually I want to have another higher end line with my name. I’m leaving on a jet plane to Bali in February. That’s the next step for speech.

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