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Posted on | April 13, 2008 |

After years and years worth of overblown photobloggery, very few sites stand on their own. New York via LA’s Jack Siegel keeps us interested time and time again. Maybe it is because he works exclusively with point-and-shoot film cameras. Maybe it is because he is a nice guy, at least on the surface. Take a look at some of his work and you figure it out. By Jose R. Mejia

A lot of your stuff comes across as more well-intentioned than what seems to be the norm…
Are you a nice guy?

I’m nice, but I’ve got a growing private collection in my iPhoto.

The great death of photography that everyone predicted a few years ago passed by. What do you think makes your site stand up above hundreds of other photographers’?

My website is less about photography and more of visual narrative. Maybe people like seeing other people grow up?

Besides the usual ‘documenting life’ quip, is there anything in particular that makes you take photos and share them in public?

I like the fact that I can access my “journal” from anywhere in the world.

Would you sacrifice your sight for acclaim— if you had the chance to take an iconic set of photos right before permanently going blind, would you go for it?


Best taco truck in all of LA is where?

There is one in Echo Park I frequent. They make the best quesadillas.



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