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Posted on | October 1, 2008 |

You know I’m a huge fan of all things classic and American, so this post should be no surprise.  After we’ve seen boat shoes infiltrate the city streets this summer, I’ve realized that with the fall coming, it’s time to step it up to something a little less kitschy and equally as classic.  That’s where the Weejun by G.H. Bass comes in.  It has a similar shape to the  top sider, but a more substantial heel and is a good choice for the cool weather of early fall.  They look great with jeans and chinos and are a pretty polished casual shoe.  I just picked up a pair in black and am really happy with them.  I know there are a bunch of people who still look for the vintage made in Maine ones, but they’re tough to find.  Last year, Jeffrey and Bass teamed up to produce an updated model, which is hard to find now as well, but I’m happy with the classic ones as a third of the price.  Now the only question is do I put a penny in them or not?  (I’m going with not).


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