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After blowing off the shelves at such fashion emporiums as Colette and Opening Ceremony - I needed to find out exactly who is the creative force behind cutting-edge label Alexandra Cassaniti. Finally, I got to the woman herself. Cassaniti encompasses the “surf life” vibe to a T. Mixing in her quirky humorous side with her eye for details and distress - Cassaniti is one to watch. Find out how an elongated stint with pink eye lead to her recent success. By Yale Breslin

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A look back at the work of Marc Jacobs’ favorite photographer Jurgen Teller. Fashion Indie

Wear this Visvim jacket with your double denim. h(y)r collective.

Merlot, Chardonnay and Syrah… grape juice? The Dieline

An interview with Chrissie Miller, from the awesome line Sophomore. NY Mag

If Holden Caulfield had a blog… Life is Better With Holden



What do you do when your lightbulbs burn out?  Turn them in to a lamp, obviously.  That’s what design firm, Castor did.  This light is made with recycled burnt out flourescent light bulbs and light with incandescent bulbs. It’s a really clever design and works well aesthticly.  I also love that it’s hung by a cord reminiscent of those utilitarian power cords.  It doesn’t hurt that these are hung in my favourite restaurant in the city either. (It’s Delux, if you’re wondering).  You can get it direct from Castor, and while your there, check out the rest of their functional yet clever and whimsical products.


So the blogging’s been sparse and I don’t want to start regurgitating stuff, but this is more about the concept as a whole, rather than the product.  Anyways, I love HUgE magazine out of Japan and they always are on point with their spreads.  Sometimes those Japanese mags give little gifts out with the magazine too, like a towel or shirt or tote bag.  This one I am especially fond of.  A beatufiuly presented package of a comb and nail file from the Japanese brand W-Taps.  I love when brands do stuff like this, produce artisanal, interesting lifestyle products that they wouldn’t normal do, but I guess I’m a sucker for them.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, I’ve always been a fan of what supreme puts out too - baseball bats, ash trays, lighters, flashlights and now boxing gloves.  I expect a lot of brands to be branching out like this in the future, as it helps brands establish them selves as something special, a little more than one of the hundreds of brands on the market.  



What do Kanye, The Cobrasnake, Justice and DJ AM all have in common?  They all have copies of Dejour Paper and now you can too.  If you didn’t manage to get you hands on one of the Dejour Papers (I only made about 50), now is your chance.  I’ve put all the pages in a zip file and all you have to do is print them and staple them together.  Pretty self explanatory.



I just finished up Dejour Paper and I’ve realized I need an intern (oh wait, I have an intern…). Anyways, the first batch is done and if you want a copy just let me know and I will mail you one for the cost of postage… 16 Pages, B&W featuring:
Waris Ahluwalia
The Virgins
Mordechai Rubinstein aka Mr. Mort
Richard Prince
Opening Ceremony
Ollie Smith
Gabrielle Swan
Shark VS Bear
Jack Siegel (the Skullset) and more…

They will be avaliable soon in various spots in NY, Miami and Toronto - more info as it unfolds…


Tauba is a Williamsburg based artist/designer/typographer.  I am a big fan of her work, but what makes it even more cool is that she does almost all of her work by hand with pen/gauche/ink.  Take a look… 





So design conscious that you want to browse classifieds in style?  Crgslst (”so fast we left the vowels behind”) has taken the Craigslist layout and revamped it with a more stylish, clean layout.  Did it need it?  No.  Do we like it? You bet.


 Just released by Nieves, one of my favourite publishers, is Fireworks by director/designer Mike Mills. “Some things that may or may not relate to these drawings: A professional suggested I take anti-depressants. I declined. About the same time I started drawing fireworks. I didn’t know what they meant or why I was drawing them. I was confused and embarrassed by this lack of meaning, but they kept coming. I could draw them no matter how I felt. I read that fireworks were first used in China in the 12th century to scare away negative spirits. I envied a world that not only recognized spirits, but scared the negative ones away with small man made explosions. About the same time, I read in a magazine that antidepressants have a hard time performing better than the placebo pills they are tested against. Scientist cannot explain it, but almost as many people who take the fake pills say they feel relief from their depression. The blood flow in their brains actually changes in the same positive way that it does for the people who take the real pills. I felt a connection between the Chinese fireworks and the placebo effect, and some relief in all the things we don’t understand. At some point the fireworks grew more and more abstract, and messy, and complicated, and I became if not content then at least willing to make things that didn’t have any apparent meaning.” -Mike Mills 

Always a steal from Nieves at $16 for 20 pages.