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After blowing off the shelves at such fashion emporiums as Colette and Opening Ceremony - I needed to find out exactly who is the creative force behind cutting-edge label Alexandra Cassaniti. Finally, I got to the woman herself. Cassaniti encompasses the “surf life” vibe to a T. Mixing in her quirky humorous side with her eye for details and distress - Cassaniti is one to watch. Find out how an elongated stint with pink eye lead to her recent success. By Yale Breslin



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All over the web there has been a bunch of tote bag round ups and blog posts, so here is another to add to the pile. Jason from Makr tipped me off on this new style and I’m definitely into it. Canvas and leather and clean lines make for a good product. I sometimes wish my Filson tote came in black. It doesn’t hurt that its made stateside either.


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A look back at the work of Marc Jacobs’ favorite photographer Jurgen Teller. Fashion Indie

Wear this Visvim jacket with your double denim. h(y)r collective.

Merlot, Chardonnay and Syrah… grape juice? The Dieline

An interview with Chrissie Miller, from the awesome line Sophomore. NY Mag

If Holden Caulfield had a blog… Life is Better With Holden


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Still think that LA is full of flip flop and Ed Hardy shirts?  It’s still got a handful of that but in the past little while it’s been making great progress with recent openings of APC and Margiela and home to some favorites, Maxfield and South Willard, and now the new shop, Confederacy.  Owned by Danny Masterson a.k.a. DJ Mom Jeans, and stylist, Ilaria Urbinati.  The opening makes more sense now than ever as Confederacy stocks all the typical high end American brands (Tim Hamilton, Patrik Ervell etc.) that are all the rage right now.  Get the full scoop at


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This recent post on a favorite of mine, A Continuous Lean reminded me of a book I have at my cottage called Tipsy in Madras.  It’s an informative, interesting, tongue in cheek read regarding all the dos and don’ts of preppy drinking.

“What defines a preppy cocktail? Archaism (the drink must have existed pre-80s), character (nothing cheap or easy), understatement (nothing with an umbrella) and, of course, Anglicanism (if it’s exotic, it ain’t preppy). Beginning with an insightful essay on the demise of preppy culture in the early 1990s, this book goes on to chronicle the how-tos of drinking for the Lacoste set. Walker and Walsh, who make clear that they attended prep school, not boarding school, serve up a funny critique of preppy society and the beverages that accompany it. Recipes for concocting the usual drinks—Bloody Marys, Gin and Tonics, Cape Codders, Gimlets, Manhattans—are here, as well as suggestions for stocking the bar (preps, the authors say, favor Dewar’s over Chivas Regal), summertime drinking (go ahead and pour yourself a Seabreeze, but for goodness sakes steer clear of the Sex on the Beach) and brunch (”a.k.a. socially sanctioned daytime drinking”). Although the book concerns an elitist lifestyle, its tone is never snobby and it can actually be quite amusing (”unless you want to give dear Bitsy a concussion with a jet-propelled stray cork, here’s how to open a champagne bottle with safety and aplomb”).”

The book also includes an appendix of classic preppy reading material, films and albums to complete the experience.  I was just checking Amazon, and saw that the book was discontinued in 2006, and now commands a price of around $60.  I think I paid $10 a few years before that.  If you have a copy you know how great it is and if not, good luck getting your hands on one.


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What do you do when your lightbulbs burn out?  Turn them in to a lamp, obviously.  That’s what design firm, Castor did.  This light is made with recycled burnt out flourescent light bulbs and light with incandescent bulbs. It’s a really clever design and works well aesthticly.  I also love that it’s hung by a cord reminiscent of those utilitarian power cords.  It doesn’t hurt that these are hung in my favourite restaurant in the city either. (It’s Delux, if you’re wondering).  You can get it direct from Castor, and while your there, check out the rest of their functional yet clever and whimsical products.


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Jewelry has always been one of those things that men are unsure about.  I personally think it works when done tastefully and with restraint.  In terms of affordable jewelry, I’m a big fan of the Surface to Air and Alex + Chloe, but have always though I would like something a little more organic.  This is where Speech comes in.  Handmade in Toronto, by Michael Mercanti, Speech takes influences from all over the spectrum but manages to create a cohesive and exciting first collection.  Below, Michael speaks about Speech. By Kyle Morrison.



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I know most people think double denim strays into socks and sandals category but is it really so bad?  I’ve been doing the look a lot recently and I think when done well, can look pretty good.  It makes sense now more than ever, with every magazine doing some feature on work wear, and what’s more blue collar than double denim?  It’s a really rugged look that’s not appropriate for all occasiona, but it definitely has it place.  I’m not sure what’s the protocol though with mixing raw/faded, light/dark.  Do you go tonal or do you mix it up?  Lately I’ve been doing a faded pair of APCs with a vintage Levis shirt, both similar in color.  I’m just not a fan of anything Western-ish.  How do you feel about double denim?  What about triple and throwing in a jacket?  Too much of a good thing?


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Photographer extraordinare Dan Martensen knows a thing or two about fashion photography. Whether he is shooting the latest editorial spreads, lookbooks or advertising campaigns - Martensen has a way of connecting the subject to the camera lense that is unparalleled. Always reinventing his shots and adding meaning to his portraits, we recently got to chat with Martensen about the demise of Polaroid film and his most obscure shoot to date. You can tell from his photographs that Martensen has to be an interesting guy…..and he managed to surpass my sepctulations. By Yale Breslin. Photo: Alexander Wang


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The American causal men’s market has been getting saturated lately with a handful of purveyors of classically cool style.  Get a glimpse inside the heads of the minds behind one of those brands leading the pack, LOVA.  By. Jose R. Mejia



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Damian from Silver Spoon, based out of London sent me a preview of their new S/S 09 collection and I like what I saw, but the one stand out piece for me were these grey trousers made with a thick cotton sweatpant material.  The fit looks spot on (slim, but not too slim) and they look amazingly comfortable.  I’ve seen the high fashion ones and the progressive drop crotch ones which I’ve liked the concept of but could never see my self wearing or spending a grand on a pair of Lanvin sweatpants but these are doing it for me.  Check out the whole collection online at


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There’s this whole new wave of online blogs and sites much like this one, but Contributing Editor takes a different approach.  They do their thing in typical print magazine style and upload the .pdfs in a slick reader.  They have some pretty good original editorials and some interesting reads.   They just did a little shoot with The Virgins (above) and it turned out pretty well.  Check out the site, it’s an interesting read and an interesting take on adapting print to web.



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So, I’ve been looking for a pair of work/mountaineering boots for a while but still haven’t decided on a pair.  I recently came across this roundup in a Japanese magazine, Men’s Non-No, and while there are some amazing boots, it’s pretty impossible to get most of these without being in Japan or speaking Japanese.  They do have some domestic L.L. Beans, and you can get a pair of Quoddys (top left, below) or Russells Moccasins (top right, below) which are awesome, but I also like the two modern interpretations below.  On the bottom left is a pair of Timberlands designer by Alife and on bottom right are a pair of Rachel Comeys, which might be my favourite of the lot.




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You know I’m a huge fan of all things classic and American, so this post should be no surprise.  After we’ve seen boat shoes infiltrate the city streets this summer, I’ve realized that with the fall coming, it’s time to step it up to something a little less kitschy and equally as classic.  That’s where the Weejun by G.H. Bass comes in.  It has a similar shape to the  top sider, but a more substantial heel and is a good choice for the cool weather of early fall.  They look great with jeans and chinos and are a pretty polished casual shoe.  I just picked up a pair in black and am really happy with them.  I know there are a bunch of people who still look for the vintage made in Maine ones, but they’re tough to find.  Last year, Jeffrey and Bass teamed up to produce an updated model, which is hard to find now as well, but I’m happy with the classic ones as a third of the price.  Now the only question is do I put a penny in them or not?  (I’m going with not).


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Wes Anderson makes some pretty stylish movies, but the last one you think to take style inspiration from would be The Life Aquatic (featuring my friend Waris), but that’s not the case.  I was at a party this weekend and a friend was wearing a red hat, much in the style of Steve Zissou.  I mentioned it to him, and he didn’t even think of the connection, but that was the first thing I thought of.  I like the look as it goes well with all the sombre colors of fall.  Ryan from h(y)r collective mentioned this a bit a go and and showed you one from one of my favorite brands, Our Legacy.  Another brand I like, and showed you last seasons collection, Happy People also from Sweden is doing a hat in blue and orange (instead of red) and is calling it the Zissou Hat.  I think Ryan might be right on this though, the place to get one is definitely a work-wear type store.  Pictured below, on the set of the Happy People lookbook shoot.



Posted on | September 30, 2008 | 1 Comment

 I’ve always heard mention of the infamous William Eadon jeans, but not much more that that.  Recently, Yale (who has great taste) from We Are The Market,ran a quick interview with him and introduced me to more of his work, which lead me to his website.  I’m a big fan of the way he set it up in an organized chaos sort of way, and some of the photos are pretty incredible.  The subject matter is cute and whimsical at times and I love the way the images end up. Above is the beautiful Hollie Witchey, shot by William.Check out the interview here, and his website below.



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I’ve seen this site before and have always like it, and I just rediscovered and noticed that it has been redesigned.  I especially like the  blog section and the simple use of courier.  It’s a little more women’s oriented and a little more high fashion than i post about, but I love the candid photos captured.  I love french girls and they have a penchant for the amazing Carine Roitfeld.  Pictured above is Olivier Zahm from purple magazine and Dash Snow riding on the Paris Metro.



Posted on | September 11, 2008 | 1 Comment


Mordechai turned me on to, mentioning he saw a copy of my old zine that I put out on there.  Anyways I recently came across it again and I really like the idea.  I’m not sure who’s site it is but he has great taste.   Basically it’s just like his personal scrapbook - all it is, is images that he like and lined up in a clean manner.  I do this sort of thing by saving files that inspire me into a folder, but I like the idea of putting it into public domain.  If you like the same sort of stuff I’m into, check it out.


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Just when you though LV appropriation was over…  Meryl Smith is amazing.  She made these ‘bags’ out of metal screen, paper mache, leather, gold paint and zipper as part of an exhibit where artists were required to create pieces to fit within the carry on baggage requirements.   



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So the blogging’s been sparse and I don’t want to start regurgitating stuff, but this is more about the concept as a whole, rather than the product.  Anyways, I love HUgE magazine out of Japan and they always are on point with their spreads.  Sometimes those Japanese mags give little gifts out with the magazine too, like a towel or shirt or tote bag.  This one I am especially fond of.  A beatufiuly presented package of a comb and nail file from the Japanese brand W-Taps.  I love when brands do stuff like this, produce artisanal, interesting lifestyle products that they wouldn’t normal do, but I guess I’m a sucker for them.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, I’ve always been a fan of what supreme puts out too - baseball bats, ash trays, lighters, flashlights and now boxing gloves.  I expect a lot of brands to be branching out like this in the future, as it helps brands establish them selves as something special, a little more than one of the hundreds of brands on the market.  



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